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Hypatia: mathematician, astronomer and philosopher


How many female scientists do you know of beyond Marie Curie, Jane Goodall and Rosalind Franklin?

Hypatia of Alexandra (approx. 370 – 415 A.D.) has been a favourite of mine since I was a girl. And it seems fitting given the time of the year and circumstances of her death that I mention her.

Hypatia is most certainly a strumpet of the highest order: she was a pagan, unmarried, taught at the Neoplatonist school of philosophy, dressed in the clothing of a teacher or scholar instead of women’s clothing and moved around freely in her own chariot. She also had significant political influence on Orestes, the Prefect of Alexandria. She wrote many books on mathematics and astronomy; about the motion of the planets, number theory, and designed astronomical equipment such as the astrolabe and the hydroscope. It is not surprising that these awesome attributes lead to her horrific demise.

The Patriarch Cyril, the Bishop of St. Mark and future saint, was determined to bring Christianity to Alexandria and rid the city of Jews and pagans. In March of 415, following fighting between the Jews and Christians which led to disagreement between Orestes and Cyril, Cyril incited a mob of Christian monks who dragged Hypatia from her chariot. She was stripped naked, beaten with broken pottery and the flesh stripped from her bones. She was then torn limb from limb and her remains burnt, some say, at the library in The Caesareum temple. Her students fled to Athens where the study of mathematics prospered. The school continued in Alexandria until the Arabs invaded in 642. Tragically the library of Alexandria was burned by the Arab conquerors and Hypatia’s works were destroyed.

Hypatia is often regarded as the defender of science and inquiry and free thought against the onslaught of religious dogmatism. We can argue over the historical details, but it makes for a bloody great story that given the current climate is relevant today.



Bicycles: Making good women go bad since the 1800s

two wheeler strumpets!!!!

via Bicycles: Making good women go bad since the 1800s.

“What a beautiful life I’ve had”.


These were reported to be Sidonie Gabrielle Colette’s last words.

Colette (French novelist and playwright 1873-1954) was a glorious strumpet. She was raised in a little village before being swept off her feet and taken to Paris by Henri Gauthier-Villiers, a man about town known as “Willy”, a famous writer of potboilers. Her husband discovered she could write so he got her to write her stories and published them under his own name. He became very wealthy from the ‘Claudine’ series of novels Colette penned. Willy was in the habit of keeping Colette locked in her room to produce new works. This went on for 13 years before Colette packed her bags and left.

Without Willy’s publishing connections Colette struggled to make a living, becoming a drama critic, political writer, fashion critic and cooking columnist. This was not enough to pay the bills so she also became a music hall dancer, which gave her a rich new source for her stories. One night she appeared on stage and brazenly exposed her breast (see pic. above) with shameless strumpet pride. She was announcing to the world that femininity was no longer something that could be confined, she had let an alternative version of femininity free. It created an international scandal. She liked to cross-dress in men’s clothing when it suited her too, which caused a stir. She cared not a fig for what people thought.

She married a news editor and had a daughter, but kept on writing her stories, which were thinly disguised autobiographies such as ‘Renee’, a story about a divorcee turned actress. One of her first stories after the end of her first marriage was ‘Dialogue des Betes’ a conversation between a cat and a dog. Her books centred on the themes of nature, passion, sexuality, sensuality and human relations. After that came more books, the ‘Caroline’ series, Gigi, Cheri, L’Ingenue Libertine’, The Ripening and ‘La Vagabonde’. La Vagabonde was declared by critics to be one of the dozen best French novels of the times. She divorced her second husband in 1924, had a scandalous affair with her step-son and kept writing. She also flaunted her numerous lesbian affairs which did nothing to quell views that she was most definitely a strumpet. In 1927 Paul Claudel called her “the greatest living writer in France”. She lived next door to Jean Cocteau and they shared ideas about poetry, art and life. Colette married the 16 years younger Maurice Goudeket in 1935, a Jewish man she supported and hid during the German occupation of France. In 1935 Colette became an Officer of The Grand Legion of Honour. Colette was a strumpet of the highest order.

“I love my past. I love my present. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve had, and I’m not sad because I have it no longer”~ Colette.

The Bush: Strumpets and God’s Police

*Image of Gloria that got ILGS Administrator DdeDD a 30 day ban for violating community standards.*

What has morality got to do with pubic hair?
Well, rather a lot actually. For those of us exposed to western media depictions and representations of women over the years, it comes as no surprise that the bush has all but disappeared. Various theories abound including: the rise of easily accessible internet porn where genitals are waxed for lighting purposes (and it makes the male genitalia look a little larger so they say), the rise of moral conservatism including creation theory (we are NOT evolved from or related to beasts or apes, we are a supreme, white, male God’s creation), censorship and Photoshop have also had a part to play (see http://www.sexylabia.com/articles/playboy-labia.htm)

So it seems the current norm for young women is to go “full Brazilian” to emulate what they and their partners see repeated over and over in porn clips and images on the internet. Now we are also seeing a rise in the “designer vagina” as women compare their vaginas to the Photoshopped vulvas that will pass the censors’ standards. At The International Lady Garden Society on FB we have been surprised at the number of young women who say “we don’t like hair down there” and their reasoning? “It’s much nicer to be “clean”, it’s much nicer for their partner when they get oral sex, it looks nicer…in fact we got a lot of “nice” in the young women’s explanations for why they were disgusted by our page celebrating the female bush. So we decided to do a bit of research and discovered that young women feel the need to wax so that they can have the pleasure of oral sex. In fact, many young women seem to ration the receiving of oral pleasure to every 4-6 weeks when they get freshly waxed. It’s a “treat” for their partner.

It seems that sexual pleasure for these women has become something to be prepared for, worked for and paid for, before young women feel entitled to have it. A young woman has to be a “nice girl”, pretty and “clean”; which it seems can only be achieved after a visit to the waxers. In between waxing, there is a regime of shaving, applying balms and anti in-grown follicle treatments and shame for a vulva that shows any signs of sexual maturity.

So what is the thinking underpinning this shame for our true state of being? I believe it has something to do with the notion that an ungroomed woman is perceived as being dirty, bestial and simply not nice. This may go some way in explaining why conservative Christian women are increasingly sporting bald vulvas to demonstrate that there is nothing bestial in their natures. They are a part of the Kingdom of God, not the animal kingdom, and, their Brazilian wax is evidence of that, even if it means that they are undistinguishable from a porn star when they are nekkid. That’s what God wants.

Being a porn star is a job. Despite the fact it looks like the stars are having a ball it’s just work, a job, for pay. Being “nice down there” is a lot of work too but in this case it’s the nice girl who pays quite a lot of money to look like a porn star, only she’s “nicer” because she pays, instead of being paid for it. God forbid if all women behaved like strumpets, ready to have sex and pleasure at the drop of a hat. That would make us like animals right? Animals are DIRTY and strumpets are the type of women that have animal instincts, or the morals of an alley cat. Strumpets are morally “dirty” women who enjoy all kinds of sex whenever it’s available without all the prep work of waxing and slipping into itchy, lacy, polyester teddies and G Strings. All this work and repression of any signs of animal instincts is done in order to please, in a culture where “hard-core” porn is no longer just a bit of jizz in the face, or some occasional anal sex. Hard-core porn is now an anything goes world, where violent anal sex is something hairless, inner lipless women are gagging for. Forget oral sex. It’s all about being penetrated, the rougher and the harder, the better. Is that what sexual pleasure is for women now? Perhaps some poor lambs (lambs of God?) know no better.

So here we are, in a strange world where we must erase the evidence of any kind of wildness and repress animal instincts such as sexual desire. Repressing desire is something Freud and other analysts have pointed out leads to an equal and opposite reaction. So we have an explosion in hard-core porn, Brazilians, labial surgery, rationed oral pleasure and nice girls who shame their ungroomed friends for being “dirty”, “gross” or unattractive. So the choice is up to you. Are you one of God’s police ready to shame and punish a woman for rocking a bush or are you a pleasure-seeking strumpet? I know what I am, and I like it.

Strumpet Mission to Mars…….who’s in?

Forget the millionaire space station visitor, Dennis Tito’s plan for an “older couple” to head to Mars in 2018 and forget NASA’s “manned mission to Mars” by the 2030s.

I propose a strumpet mission to the red planet……and I recon I’ve found our Captain

Barbarella (1968) 3

SOOOOOO all you strumpadacious strumpets…..who’s in?