Class warfare is the mode du jour for western governments.



    Minimum wage could be frozen or cut if it starts to cost jobs or damage economy, Government suggests

 ‎- 1 day ago
    The minimum wage for millions of people could have to be capped or ministers want the Commission to consider when setting the annual

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3 responses to “Class warfare is the mode du jour for western governments.

  • sciencechick

    once again mainly younger people and women (and hence children) will have to ‘make sacrifices for the good of the economy’……feel like a broken record bleating about this obsession with profits and growth so essentially the rich can keep getting richer.

  • indija

    Minimum wage has never made sense to me. does it mean if i can’t earn it the next best thing is $nothing? does it mean if you cant earn it, i cant share mine with you? There should be a maximum wage not a minimum wage. The incentive to strive beyond that max should then accounted for in different terms, like… merit points? reputation metrics …eg facebook likes. (lol).

  • firecrackerkate

    Wow. What an absolute disgrace. That could almost pass as a piece of brutal satire, reminiscent of Swift’s ‘Modest Proposal’!

    I’m starting to feel like THE ECONOMY is basically the modern-day equivalent of fearsome god that requires sacrifices to be hurled into a volcano in order to keep life humming for everyone else. What’s a few low-income earners worth, if we can appease the Great Angry Gods of the Economy??

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