My Stubenville Rant… part 2

Well, Im not going to let Henry have the final word on this appalling episode, eventhough I do think he raises some important questions and makes some good points, especially in regard to the dubious rehabilitative functions of punishment, and the pointlessness of vengeance seeking.  And he does make some good suggestions as to how to begin to remedy  sexual inequality in educational and media institutions etc. But there is one point, one big point, one huge forest that he is missing for the trees… because as far as I am concerned, what is sadly lacking in this article is him NAMING this for what it is. Because what this is, this whole hideous thing, from its origins in the alcohol fueled sportstar culture to the vile victim blaming of the media coverage is culturally entrenched, enabled and enacted RAPE CULTURE. If we are ever to defeat sexual violence against women, we have to understand where it comes from – and that means linking it to a broader continuum of violence against women. Because believe it or not, in spite of Katy Perry and her vile ilk implying that the need for feminism is over here in the modern world, sexual violence against women is a GLOBAL pandemic. And no, it’s not just the ‘primitive’ and ‘oppressive’ cultures like in India and Papua New Guinea and  those creepy arab countries where women have to cover their faces. Think twice before you condemn these places as more dangerous for sexual violence than the so-called civilised first world, because statistics say otherwise. As far as I am concerned, this whole repulsive Stubenville horror show is a crystal clear distillation of exactly how we continue to ignore and deny the enormity of Western rape culture right under our noses. And Henry, thanks, I just wish you were a little more strident in your stand against Rape Apologists in particular and Rape Culture in general….


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