Strumpet Mission to Mars…….who’s in?

Forget the millionaire space station visitor, Dennis Tito’s plan for an “older couple” to head to Mars in 2018 and forget NASA’s “manned mission to Mars” by the 2030s.

I propose a strumpet mission to the red planet……and I recon I’ve found our Captain

Barbarella (1968) 3

SOOOOOO all you strumpadacious strumpets…..who’s in?


4 responses to “Strumpet Mission to Mars…….who’s in?

  • HS

    What’s not to like about a shagpile cockpit, big hair and need for galactical dominance cunningly disguised as a sublimated desire for groovy weaponry and a hot outfit?

  • MarsStrumpetMission

    Girls’ guide to science.

    The day after Obamacare is green-lighted by the supreme court, Republicans hit out at this new “tax”. Mitt Romney says he’ll repeal the law if elected. Lipstick and lovehearts are the….

  • sciencechick

    gawd…the FEMALE reporters’ discussion of the “Science: it’s a girl thing” site really stank. Guess if you are female and want to be in media you gotta keep those feminist views (if you actually have any) in check. Had a really quick look at the site- seems the EC has at least responded to criticism over a lipstick in the title and an ad with girl scientists strutting their stuff catwalk model style in high heals…the colours look like I’m about to enter the barbie aisle in Toys R Us though..

  • MarsStrumpetMission

    A site in candy pink that would make Malibu Barbie green with envy? Perhaps it’s actually a cunning campaign to keep intelligent girls away from science. Or is it a sneaky way for men in science to get hot babes with non threatening intellects and CFM heels into the lab?

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