We need to talk about…Pleasure

Wisdom hasn’t come a step further since Epicurus but has often gone many thousands of steps backwards.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Has it ever occurred to you that pleasure is something we are not conditioned to expect or want? What has made us so puritanical about denying the pleasure principle? Pleasure has been driven underground, it’s a dirty little secret and as such, is all too often entwined in the attendant grip of guilt’s smothering grasp and thus, we have our “guilty pleasures”. This is simply not acceptable. We must stop this denial if we are to be glorious strumpets. We are taught from such a young age to project ourselves into the future, beginning with “when I grow up…” and moving on to I’ll start such and such tomorrow, or, my New Year’s resolutions will be, or I’m going to be…if I can just…

This is crazy making thinking. No wonder anxiety and depression are a constant state of being for so many people. Is it so surprising we have a purge-binge culture whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, retail “therapy”, work or relationships?  We are being raised to expect too much for the future and deny too much in the now. And of course denial tends to bring out its opposite, the binge. How is it possible to be productive and fabulous in a culture that demands manic swings between pleasure and punishment? A strumpet cares not a fig for these puritanical social conventions and stoical modes of thinking. Take your pleasure as you like it today, for to do so, is to make a bold stand of unity and wholeness in a bipolar world.


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